amcharts2015 was my most ambitious reading challenge. I set out to read 80 books from around the world. The parameters I set for myself included the books being fiction, contemporary, and written by authors from their respective countries (i.e. no travelogues…). On one or two occasions I had to bend the rules ever so slightly. I did not meet my goal of 80 books, but I did make it to 74 and I’m quite proud of that. Stand out books; The Second Coming of Mavolo Shikongo by Peter Orner, The Visitation by Jenny Erpenbeck, and Pao by Kerry Young, and The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway. Stand out authors; Mia Couto from Mozambique and Earl Lovelace from Trinidad and Tobago. Here’s the list.

africaAfrica (11)

Algeria: The Star of Algiers by Aziz Chouaki

Egypt: Midaq Alley by Nagoub Mahfouz

Ghana: The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born by Ayi Kweh Armah

Lesotho: She Plays With The Darkness byZakes Mda

Mozambique: Under the Frangipani by Mia Couto

Namibia: The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo by Peter Orner

Nigeria: Say You’re One of Them by Uwem Akpam

Rwanda: A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali: Gil Courtmanche

South Africa: Cracks by Sheila Kholer

South Africa: A Dry White Season by Andre Brink

Tunisia The Pillar of Salt Albert Memmi


asiaAsia (11)

Afghanistan: Freshta by Petra Prochazkova

Bangladesh: Revenge by Taslnima Nasrin

China: Summer of Betrayal by Hong Ying

India: Between the Assassinations by Adiga Aravind

India: The Way Things Were by Taseer Aatish

Indonesia: Beauty is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan

Japan: The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami

Pakistan: A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammad Hanif

Thailand: Sightseeing by Rattawut Lapcharoensap

Sri Lanka: Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje

Singapore: Spider Boys by Ming Cher


caribCaribbean (5)

Cuba: Adios Hemingway by Leonardo Padura

Dominican Republic: Before We Were Free bu Julia Alvarez

Dominican Republic: In the Name of Salmone by Julia Alvarez

Jamaica: Pao: A Novel by Kerry Young

Trinidad and Tobago: Is Just a Movie by Earl Lovelace


central-americaCentral America (5)

El Salvador: The Better to See You by Alfonso Urias

El Salvador: Bitter Grounds by Sandra Benetiz

Guatemala: Rattlesnake by Arturio Arias

Honduras: The Mosquito Coast by Paul Theroux

Panama:Seducing the Spirits by Louise Young



Europe (14)

europeAustria: The Post Office Girl by Stefan Zweig

Belgium: The Man Who Watched Trains Go By Georges Simenon

Bosnia and Herzegovina:The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo Marlboro by Milhenko Jergovic

Bulgaria: Wunderkind by Nikolai Grozni

Finland: Your Presence is Requested by Mailie Chapman

France: Coda, A Novel by Renee Bellatto

UK: Maintenance of Headway by Mill Magnus

Germany: The Mussel Feast by Birgit Vanderbeke

Germany: Visitation by Jenny Erpenbeck

Ireland: The Mammy by Brendan O’Carroll

Russia: The Russian Dream Book of Color and Flight by Gina Ochner

Spain: The Skating Rink Robert Bolano

Ukraine: A Short History of Tractors by Marina Lewycka


middle-eastMiddle East (7)

Iran Persepolis Marjane Satrapi

Israel: The Sound of Our Steps by Ronit Matalan

Kuwait: Small Kingdoms by Anastasia Hobbet

Lebanon: Wild Mulberries by Iman Younes

Saudi Arabia: The Belt by Ahmed Dahman

Syria: Damascus Nights by Rafik Shami

Turkey: The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk


north-americaNorth America (5)

Canada: The Shipping News by Annie Prolux

Greenland: Cold Earth by Sarah Moss

Mexico: The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano

USA: Crow Fair by Thomas McGuin

USA: Crashing America by Katia Noyes


Oceania (5)

oceaniaAustralia: My Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg

Australia: Dirt Music by Tim Winton

Papua New Guinea: Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones

Solomon Islands:Solomoni by Roger Webbers

Samoa: Leaves of the Banyan Tree by Albert Wendt


south-americaSouth America (7)

Argentina:Betrayed by Rita Hayworth by Manuel Puig

Brazil:The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispector

Chile: The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende

Colombia:The Dark Bride by Laura Restrepo

Colombia: The Sound of Things Falling by Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Guyana: Frangipani House by Beryl Guilroy

Uruguay: The Ballad of Johnny Sosa by Mario Delgado Aparain