bbdc1I love visiting my sister in Denver. I also love to hate this bookstore. My sister and brother-in-law live in a very trendy neighborhood of Denver. There isn’t anything I can’t walk to. It’s all independent type stores and shops and a hipster hell.This bookstore is within just a few blocks from my sisters house. It’s a bookstore with a wine bar and deli. Usually I wouldn’t be able to complain about a place that combines books and wine, but the pretentiousness of this place is off putting. I go to hate. It’s only on this list because I’ve been there so many times. My brother-in-law is a champ. He’ll go with me and laugh at me as I hate under my tongue and then he’ll sit at the bar with me and order fancy wine and order food like a Secret Garden salad or a Steinbeck pizza (it’s the little things that thrill me) and we’ll talk about Dostoevsky as we drink our wine and read the tables which are decorated with pages from books and try to name the book. If you can stomach hipster lit trivia and a pretentious wine/book bar, it is offered. And if you go on a night I’m there, I’ll make sure you understand that you know nothing of lit, and I only do that because; fucking hipsters. It’s a cool place, definitely check it out if you’re ever in that neighborhood of Denver.