This is under construction. I am doing a huge overhaul of what I have used the past two semesters, but here are some starting points, more will be added soon.

Part One: Boys Don’t Read Part Two: Boys Don’t Read Part Three: Boys Don’t Read

Here are some youtube channels, blogs, soundcloud channels.

Decent Youtube Channels

Ancient Recitations I use this to send the high school kids over when they have turned a bunch of stuff in late or something. It’s filler and they have to tell me what they listened to and what they learned and then I learn things as well because there is no way in hell I’m listening to that material as it bores me greatly.

Call Me Ishmael…Best Channel on Youtube This is fun because it’s just everyday people calling in and talking candidly about their favorite books. I love lining these up personally at home and just relaxing, it is the most comforting thing in the world for me. We listen to or two every now and then in class even if it’s not a book we are working on, but I like them to understand they don’t have to have a masters in comparative literature to comment on a book and that it’s ok to like a book simply because it made them happy.

Minute Book Reports For the younger ones

Peter Harrington Books, a little different, looking at rare and antique books This is more for me because I would love to have his job, but it’s still just kinda cool to get them thinking about the written word from centuries ago.

The Blogs/Sites


Banned Books

I do this more with the high school students, but we spend a lot of time talking about censorship and banned books. We talk about the fact that right now in Egypt, Turkey, and Singapore among numerous other countries there are people sitting in jail for words they wrote. This semester we also discussed the case of the men in Luanda who are fighting an uphill legal battle for having Sunday morning book club and reading the wrong books. Then of course we talk about the use of things like rape scenes and the word nigger. But all my students hear the fatwa issued on Rushdie for The Satanic Verses and that whole affair is discussed at length.

Book Careers

Some of my students will never get into reading. Most will become casual readers, or do enough to get a decent score on a test, but some will learn to love reading. And I take those ones and I push them towards careers in engineering, science, math…whatever. I tell them you can read for fun, it does not have to be a career. And then I usually have one or two left. So we discuss all the options, and there are plenty. From the obvious such as library sciences to teaching and tutoring. To the more obscure such as antique book preservation, appraisal, and restoration. To the in between; publishing, editing, book marketing, book reviews, graphic designs for covers, narration, translation…. This past semester I had my students help me narrow down some graduate programs I was looking at for library sciences; it’s fun when it becomes personal for them.