I keep thinking the more I leave the easier saying goodbye will become. It’s actually working the other way. The first few times I moved it was simple to say goodbye. Goodbye to my friends and family in MI as I went someplace new, or goodbye to co-workers and roommates in new place as I moved from there. It was no big deal to me. But it has become harder for some reason. In fact it was so bad this time, this is how I had to say goodbye to Max. She left first on Wednesday morning. The night before she was up late packing and I told her to have a safe trip and asked if she needed any help, but other than that I couldn’t say goodbye. Late at night when she was finally sleeping, I left this on her door so early in the morning when she was heading out and I was still sleeping I could kinda say goodbye to her.


That morning I woke up and she had been gone for a few hours at that point, and she seemed to understand that I didn’t want to do it in person, so she left me her goodbyes as well.


On Tuesday the teachers threw me a big party at the school and got me all sorts of really cool going away presents. I planned for those while packing. Of course they didn’t have to get me those, but I kinda knew they were going to. So I packed on Wednesday. Exhibit A below:


See? All packed. Good to go. Had to stop by the school today to drop off some materials, and I wanted to say goodbye to the secretary who hadn’t been there Tuesday. I thought a student or two might make me some cards, that usually happens. They pooled their money though, all of them at the school, not just the ones I worked with and this is what I came home with.


Its sweet. Its humbling, endearing, kind, and heart warming. Its also a lot of stuff to drag around Peru and Ecuador with me. There is no more room in my 2 bags, and I don’t wanna go over that. It is kind of a hassle. But these are the kinds of problems I’d like to have in my world right now if I must have problems. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it yet, I’ll figure it out Tuesday when I head out.

I’m leaving Tuesday morning, will be back in the states the following Wednesday the 7th, for everyone keeping track, my birthday is exactly the week after, I expect much celebration upon arriving home, my birthday, and Xmas.