Late at night on Saturday November 2 2013 my then roommate and I left Shanghai for the Philippines.We didn’t actually land until early Sunday morning, I’d like to say we hit the ground running, but we did no such thing. That was something I loved about Rae. She would make me go do things like a 72 hour whirlwind in the Philippines, but she understood I didn’t had no desire to be the life of the party…nightlife in Manila? No thanks. Instead we crashed for a few hours and on Sunday we got to the beach early and sat there all. Sunday’s beach was Laiya Batangas as pictured below.


That night we went back to our hotel, camped out at the balcony poolside playing uno and drinking fruity drinks. On Monday the 4th we went to Taal Volcano and rode horses up to the crater. I have a picture somewhere of me walking with my horse because I’m not fond of riding horses and it was steep and if I fell off I’d have died. I can’t for the life of me find it, must be on my external. It was gorgeous. No words.


On Tuesday the 5th we took what seemed to be the longest cab ride of my life to Cebu and went snorkeling. We stayed late into the dark, when the beach lit up with tiki lights and a live band started playing. It was chill, I was happy. I ate so much seafood that day I’m surprised I didn’t sink the second I got in the water.


Early on Wednesday the 6th we left and headed back to Shanghai.On Friday November 8th, 2013 Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines with some of the strongest winds recorded killing 10,000 people. By a mere 48 hours I missed this;

Even if I had somehow survived the Typhoon, I would have been stuck on that island for a while as there was no flights in or out for some time after that. This is why I don’t tell my Dad I’m going anywhere or doing something until I get back to home base, wherever that is at the time, alive.